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16-th International Specialized Exhibition
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8-11 September, 2015
27 Ya. Kupala str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus

National Exhibition Center “BelExpo” under the Presidential Property Management Directorate of the Republic of Belarus cooperating with the Exhibition company “EXPOFORUM” and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Concern “Belgospischeprom”, Belarusian Republican Union of consumer societies “Belkoopsoyuz” and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection invite you to participate in the Specialized Forum “PACKING AND WAREHOUSE - 2015” that unites 4 exhibition projects: “WORLD OF PACKING”, “MODERN LABEL”, “POLYMERS AND GLASS IN PACKING”, “WAREHOUSE TECHNOLOGIES”. WAREHOUSE – 2015”.

The business program of the exhibition includes specialized seminars, round tables and seminars-presentations.

1. Packing materials: artificial, paper, metallic. Raw materials and equipment for production of packing materials and finished package made of cardboard, corrugation cardboard and other materials. Equipment for printing on package made of paper, cardboard and other materials; computer systems and technologies of printing.
2. Packing machines and equipment: filling and dosing machines, machines for packing by means of mechanical transformation, thermal effect and other functionalities.
3. Finished packing articles for food, consumer goods, fragrance and cosmetic industry, drugs and medical products. Disposable packing. Design and modeling of package and tare.
4. Waste utilization, reprocessing of used package.

1. Materials for production of labels: paper, cardboard, special tapes for lamination, foil. Printing ink, varnish and glue.
2. Equipment and technologies for production of labels and package. Label products for all branches of industry. Design and decoration of labels.
3. Representative goods, development of trade and special marks, goods marking.

1. Machines, moulds and rigging. Raw and auxiliary materials for production of packing and polymeric and combined materials.
2. Polymeric materials, finished packing goods made of polymeric materials. Design and modeling of packing goods made of polymeric materials.
3. Environment-friendly technologies and equipment for utilization of secondary materials.  
4. Goods made of glass for storage of products of various branches of industry. Design of goods made of glass.
5. Finished glassed package for food, fragrance and cosmetic goods, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
6. Decoration of glass, china and ceramics goods by means of serigraphy.
7. Equipment for collection and processing of glass waste.

1. Design and construction of warehouses, distribution centers, industrial and production warehouses.
2. Modern concepts of warehouse logistics, warehouse infrastructure.
3. WMS-systems for warehouse management, inventory accounting, control and sorting technologies and equipment, REID-technologies.
4. SCM – the system for supply chain control.
5. ERP-systems for retail trade control.
6. Automatic warehouse, automated equipment for enterprises and distribution centers: conveyer systems, sorting systems.
7. Equipment and machinery for warehouses, cranes, loading machines.
8. Supervision and security systems, warehouse protection systems.
9. Storage and industrial containers, bar-coding and marking of goods.


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Cost of participation

*obligatory for all exhibitors and Co-exhibitors (includes: general organization expenses: information stand services, accreditation of representatives of the Company submitting badges to the exhibition, entry cards, placement of Company info and logo in the official catalogue of the exhibition; one copy of the catalogue, general advertising of the exhibition, two invitation cards to the business cocktail held within the exhibition).


Cost of 1 sq.m. of the indoor equipped exhibition area, in Euro (VAT not included):

  • Open-side booth - 75 + VAT
  • Central line booth - 80 +  VAT

A standard booth set includes: unequipped exhibition area, wall panels 2,5 meters high from 3 sides, floor covering, a fascia panel without inscription on it, a socket, a lamp (one per each 3 sq.m. of a booth), a rack, a paper tray, extra crossbars.

Increase of standard exhibition booth area should be multiple to 3 sq.m.

When ordering booth mounting, please enclose a scheme of the booth indicating electrical equipment, water-supply, a set of furniture and equipment.

Cost of 1 sq.m. of the indoor unequipped exhibition area, in Euro (VAT not included):

  • Open-side booth - 50 + VAT
  • Central line booth - 55 + VAT

OUTDOOR EXHIBITION AREA, per1 sq.m. - 25 Euro +VAT




Nataly - project manager
Phone/fax: (+375 17) 286 78 54
27 Y.Kupala str., 220029, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Programm of exhibition

“Silent Salesman” Exhibition Will Be Held In Minsk

You can shout about your products - on newspapers pages or TV screens. This is advertising. You can whisper about them, often catch the eye and give confidence, “no one except you”. This is PR. And you can sell silently. This is packaging.

Packaging was called “silent salesman” in the USA. According to the research of the international marketing company Ipsos Observer, 80% of consumers make impulse purchases, making a choice right at the shelf with products, and two thirds of those surveyed said that they paid special attention to the appearance of goods. Moreover, according to the same research, consumers are willing to pay one and a half times more for beautifully packaged goods!

Packaging market in Belarus seeks to keep up with global trends. Today, the main trends are:

  • • eco-friendly packaging;
  • • national identity (for Belarus nowadays it is currently important);
  • • possibility to use it for a second time (up to 90% of shoppers do it!);
  • • convenience;
  • • simplicity;
  • • recognition;
  • • emotionality and multisensory (yes, packaging should cause positive emotions, and all the senses should be used);
  • • innovation.

For example, according to the online research by Nielsen, one in four consumers of food draws attention to the use of eco-friendly packaging. As to multisensory, according to the German Packaging Institute (DVI), the roles of the senses in making purchasing decisions are distributed as follows: the vision sense - 58%, the sense of smell - 45%, the sense of hearing - 41%, the taste sense - 31%, the sense of touch - 25 %.
And, of course, we shouldn`t forget that today consumers always come short of time. And we began to live “on the run”. This factor has also been reflected in packaging: for example, bottles, which can be opened with one finger, and chocolate wrappers, which can be sealed and you can put it back safely in your bag.

A special trend for the CIS countries is “the USSR-style” packaging”. A large part of consumers is assured that everything in the USSR was tastier, more natural and healthier. In this regard more and more products (primarily, it is about food) appear in retro packaging. And even if the materials used in its production are quite different, and products have nothing in common with the 30-year-old ones - it works. Stereotypes have a terrible force. The proportion of packaging in the price of goods can nowadays reach up to 15-20%, while in the times of the USSR this figure was about 3.5%. But it pays for itself over and above. And the demand for modern packaging that meets global trends and “sell” goods is enormous. What about offer?

Packaging market in Belarus is quite large and to find “your” company, which translate into reality all customer`s requirements at an affordable price, is not so easy. But it`s possible..
The leading Belarusian producers of packaging will present their capabilities and technologies at the specialized forum “Packaging and Warehouse 2015”, which is held on September 8-11, 2015 at the exhibition center “BelExpo” in Minsk, 27. Kupaly str. The Forum unites four exhibition projects “World of Packaging”, “Modern Label”, “Polymers & Glass in Packaging” and “Warehouse Technologies”.

As part of the exhibition “World of Packaging” packaging materials, raw materials and equipment for their production, packaging machines and equipment will be presented. In addition, the exhibitors will show ready-made packaging items. Important issues of waste disposal and recycling will be discussed during the operational period of the exhibition.

The equipment and technologies for labels production, consumables, design solutions and possibilities for official goods production will be the focus at “Modern Label” salon.
Salon “Polymers & Glass in Packaging” brings together manufacturers and suppliers of plastics, machinery and moulds for the production of packaging made of polymers, the creators of glass products for storage and transportation of goods. Of course, the ecological aspect won`t be passed up: “clean” technologies for utilization of secondary polymeric materials and equipment for collection and processing of glass waste will be presented.
Finally, modern concepts of warehouse logistics, design and construction of warehouses and logistics centers, systems for supply chain management and retail management, machinery and equipment for warehouses will be presented at the exhibition “Warehouse technologies”.